About Me


I am Ramona Deckers, an Amsterdam based photographer shooting on film. My photographs are raw, uninhibited, and lay bare private moments. My love of art allows me to get close and reach a level of intimacy, honesty and realism which opens the door to a beauty of the natural kind.

I travel a lot and devote my time to capturing the unfolding narrative on film. Big cities, the ruins, the silence; humans delicate and fragile, interacting with an enormous city. I love the contrast of a bustling city like New York with the desiccated, vast desert environment of Joshua Tree in California.

Working with analogue equipment forces me to be aware of every frame and invites an element of magic and mystery into my work process. I made the conscious decision of shooting with available light as authenticity plays such an important role in what I do. I want to show things the way they really are, in their natural glory.

If you want to hire me, if you're interested in purchasing prints, just send an email. Print prices and framing vary on size and are available on request.


E-mail: me@ramonadeckers.com