Diner. Miami, Florida.

Diner. Miami, Florida.

Born in Tegelen, the Netherlands (1982).

Ramona Deckers is an Amsterdam based photographer. Her photographs are raw, uninhibited, and lay bare private moments. Her love of art allows her to get close to her subjects and reach a level of intimacy, honesty and realism which opens the door to a beauty of the natural kind.

Working with analogue equipment forces her to be aware of every frame and invites an element of magic and mystery into the work process. Shooting with available light is important as she wants to show things the way they are, in their natural glory.

"Deckers’ lens recaptures the innate humanness of her subjects and transforms vulnerabilities into strengths" - Kitty Turley, Singulart, 2017. 

"Her portraits of young people at home is an honest depiction of everyday life. A pure and simple project which results in personal and beautiful photographs.

Honesty and candidness is what makes these pictures unique and special: less is more. The viewer is being sucked into someone's world and challenged to see the beauty of it" - Tess Castelijn, RedPers.nl, 2017.