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Ramona Deckers

Danique, 2021.

MUAH by Sandra Govers

Anouk, 2021.

MUAH by Anh Nguyaen

Lucia, 2021.

MUAH by Sandra Govers

Yente for The Five Studio, 2021.

MUAH by Anh Nguyaen.

Elisa, 2021.

MUAH by Sandra Govers

Noa, 2021.

MUAH by Sandra Govers

Tessa Bruinsma (Elvis Models), 2020.

Personal work: MUAH by Marije Koelewijn, stylist: Julia Suyker. Collage art by Martin Cole. Umsjatka Studios, Amsterdam. 

Godé for The Five Studio. Lookbook, 2021.

MUAH by Vera Dirkx, styling by Ebba van Beek. Shot at Flint Studio, Amsterdam.

Amy for Yoster Jewellery as featured on Mirror-Mirror Magazine, 2021.

MUAH by Marije Koelewijn.

Sophie and Cecilia for Alexandra Barker. Lookbook, 2021.

MUAH by Vannessa Chan, Stylist: Giedre Malinauskaite. Allard Studios, Amsterdam.

Personal work: Mira ( Vein Agency) wearing Alexandra Barker. MUAH by Vera Dirkx.

Woolgathering an editorial for CAP74024, 2020. 

Starring Rebecca (Elvis Models), MUAH by Magdalena Loza, stylist: Giedre Malinauskaite. 

All that Glistens... an editorial for Teeth Magazine, 2020.

MUAH by Vera Dirkx. Lieke (Ulla Models) is wearing The Five Studio. 

Elzinga Studio SS21 featured in Metal Magazine, 2020.

Models Maha and Mai-lin & Lotta (below right) (Vein Agency), stylist Leendert Sonnevelt, MUAH by Marije Koelewijn. 

Un Air de Fête editorial for Sabato Magazine/ De Tijd, 2019. 

Glyne Mae (Known Models), MUAH by Pascalle Hoogstraate, stylist: Anna Arends.