Ramona Deckers (1982), studied English language and culture at the University of Amsterdam, thereafter she moved to London to pursue an MA in fashion journalism at the University of the Arts London. It was then and there she dared to admit that she was more interested in making images rather than becoming a writer. Ramona currently lives and works in Amsterdam focussing on portrait, documentary and fashion photography. She specialises in film and polaroid, and preferably works with natural light. At the same time she enjoys the speed and precision of digital photography and feels equally at home in both worlds.

Her photographs, mostly of friends and people who inspire her, are raw, emotive and lay bare private moments. Their trust allows her to get close and reach a level of intimacy, honesty and realism that would be much more difficult to achieve with random strangers. It opens the door to a beauty of the natural kind. The chemistry between subject and photographer, one of the most important aspects of shooting candid portraits, is already established.  

Her Amsterdam Girls at Home series is an ongoing project - which is steadily gaining recognition - where she meets up with girls who contact her via social media. The essence of the project is to show raw, candid beauty, to make these girls feel comfortable in their skin and beautiful at the same time embracing their little flaws which can be empowering. Ramona likes to explore the human body also showing fragility and the human form in an abstract way.  

In her free-time she travels a lot and devotes her time to capturing the unfolding narrative on film. She calls America her second home. Big cities, the ruins, the silence, the emptiness and urban density; humans - so delicate and fragile - interacting with an enormous city. It's these fine contrasts that inspire her most. 

If you would like to hire her for editorial/ advertorial work, or you're interested in purchasing prints, please send an email. Print prices and framing vary on size and are available on request.

E-mail: me@ramonadeckers.com



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Self-Portrait taken with a Polaroid Land camera

Self-Portrait taken with a Polaroid Land camera